Thyroid Uptake System


The TS-AP187 is a Thyroid Uptake System for studies of uptake of radioactive iodine (131I) or other nuclides (125I, 99Tcm, 123I, 132I) by the thyroid gland.

TS-AP187 features a robust mobile stand with locking casters, a height-adjustable counter-weighted articulating arm with three degrees of freedom, lead collimator with scintillation detector, detector-patient spacer, integrated multi-channel analyzer (MCA), and a shelf for notebook PC (optional).

The lead collimator with a steel housing complies with the IAEA recommendations for the shielding and collimation of the radiation detector for 24-h131I uptake studies. It features a detector-patient spacer with a flip-away stop and a cm-graduated scale.