Medical Dosimetry Tools

The advent of ionizing radiation based imaging and treatment technologies places ever greater requirements on ensuring patient & personnel protection. In order to take full advantage of the increasing capabilities of the advanced imaging and treatment methods, accurate and reliable dosimetry is needed.

We offer a full range of dosimetry tools and devices for radiology, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine.

  • Radiology test objects and QC measuring equipment for X-ray installations
  • Patient dosimetry systems (dose area product meters)
  • Absolute dosimetry for Radiation Therapy including world-class precision electrometers and a wide range of ionization chambers for different energy ranges
  • Therapy Beam Analyzers – water phantoms for dose distribution measurements on the radiation treatment devices
  • 1D and 2D ionization chamber arrays for analyzing modern treatment techniques with irregular fields, dynamic wedges, MLC and IMRT
  • Dose calibrators for Nuclear Medicine

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