Floor Contamination Monitor


The FM2010 is a floor contamination monitor (FCM) designed to detect and measure radioactive contamination on floors and other large horizontal surfaces. Depending on the nuclides to be measured, two versions are available: FM2010-AB with alpha/beta and FM2010-ABG with alpha/beta gamma sensitive detectors. Both types of detectors are CANBERRA CSPTM no-gass scintillation detectors with excellent operational characteristics. (For more details, see SAB-100 and SABG-100, respectively, at www.canberra.com.) In addition to the six ‘real’ detectors, five ‘virtual’ detectors have been defined in the software. These consist of combinations of two adjacent real detectors evaluated as one. This increases the sensitivity by partially compensating for the dead zones between the detectors. Different alarm levels can be set for real and virtual detectors.

The monitor is almost entirely manufactured in stainless steel. It consists of a sturdy frame riding on two fixed and one castering wheel. The detectors and other electronic components are attached to a stainless-steel tray which can move vertically inside the frame. The detector-to-ground distance is adjusted by a lever-actuated cable mechanism. Available heights are 5 mm, 10 mm, and 30 mm. The detector compartment is protected by a semi-transparent polycarbonate cover. The control PC/LCD is ergonomically mounted on top of the steering column.

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